This story is a first visual, expressing our own vision on street fashion. This collection is the first chapter of a bigger narrative which has already taken shape but still needs to be written. Chapter I is the first of more chapters, which will later on become some sort of book filled with words, photographs and videos. As long as it is related to street fashion.

The Coast Guard’s Story

Our story is about a 15-year-old Somali kid who is on the verge of becoming a pirate. He witnessed foreign ships dumping their radioactive waste and illegally fishing at the Somali coastline. Due to this, his father, who is a fisherman, struggles to get food on the table for his starving family. They ain’t left him no choice. Sometimes it’s justified to do the wrong thing for the right reasons, so he joins the Somali Coast guard.

Navy blue and sand are not by accident the central colors of this collection. The young Somali boy stands on the verge of joining the pirates, with one leg still safely on the beach and the other one already firmly standing in the water. He made his decision.